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Why Belong

Mission Statement

The Crossroads Builder's Association is a non profit trade association serving Victoria and the surrounding counties affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders and the Texas Association of Builders. Chartered in 1952, the association represents and unites its members in the housing, remodeling, commercial and associated businesses.

We do this by:

  • Serving as the voice of the building industry, by being a proactive participant in the legislative and regulatory processes;
  • Providing industry information and education to our members and the public; and
  • Enhancing the professional standards and image of our members.

Our goal is to continue to improve conditions in the building industry by promoting a balance between responsible growth and environmental issues; to provide the citizens with safe, quality and cost-effective housing; and to encourage a sound economic future for the Calhoun, DeWitt, Goliad, Jackson, Lavaca, Refugio, and Victoria counties the association serves.

Membership Benefits

  • A respected professional membership that gives your clients peace of  mind in choosing you for their projects.
  • Your membership is three-fold: the local Crossroads Builder's Association (CBA), Texas Assocation of Builders (TAB) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).
  • Discounted rates in our local Parade of Homes magazine as well as many different sponsorship and advertising opportunities.
  • Access to state and national trade shows.
  • Listing on our website and the widely distributed Membership Directory.
  • Access to our monthly publication, The Contributor.
  • An opportunity to network and socialize with your peers and colleagues at our popular and well attended membership mixers.
  • Access to our special events such as the Nails & Tails Fishing Tournament, Monte Carlo Night, Washer Tournament, Golf Tournament and so much more!  (Events are subject to change each year).
  • Educational opportunities you need to stay up-to-date on codes, technical advances and other regulatory requirement in the building industry.
  • Member Only discounts through the National Association of Home Builders, such as Nissan, Avis, T-Mobile, RingCentral, Lowe's, Office Depot, GoodYear, Hotel Planner and many more!

By Becoming a Member…

You will improve your business

by taking advantage of the resources your local, state and national home builder associations have at their command to furnish you with information and assist in solving your problems.

You will be represented

before the Congress and the federal agencies, the state legislature, the state regulatory bodies, and the county and municipal authorities and agencies.

You will have access

to the warehouse of knowledge that is available to members through NAHB's workshops and seminars, library, technical publications, and staff services.

You will be a part

of a tremendous voluntary and cooperative organization which represents your industry in every state of the Union.

You will increase

your business, social and public contacts; and every contact a businessman makes is a potential asset to himself and his business.

You will profit

through participation in your association activities by working with others to solve mutual problems and achieve mutual objectives.

You will advance your own industry.

“If we are going to survive as private businessmen in this area of big government, big labor and big business, we must have a strong, aggressive and respected national association to fight our battles on any grounds including those in the highest councils of the nation.”

-Lloyd E. Clark, President, National Association of Home Builders, 1968.

“Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has the moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

Pledge of Allegiance

We pledge allegiance to the following principles and policies:

  • Our paramount responsibility is to our customers, our community and our county.
  • Honesty is our guiding business policy.
  • High standards of health, safety and sanitation shall be built into every home.
  • The right to a fair return for goods and services shall be upheld and protected in our relations with labor and all other segments of the industry.
  • As members of a progressive industry, we encourage research to develop new materials, new building techniques, new building equipment, and improved methods of home financing, to the end that every home purchaser may get the greatest value possible for every dollar.
  • All sound legislative proposals affecting our industry and the people we serve shall have our informed and vigorous support.
  • We hold inviolate the free enterprise system and the American way of life. We pledge our support to our associates, our local, state and national associations, and all related industries concerned with the preservation of legitimate rights and freedoms.
  • We assume these responsibilities freely and solemnly, mindful that they are part of our obligation as members of the National Association of Home Builders.